5 Ways To Boost Your Glow This Season

Looking and feeling radiant has a lot of perks. When you look in the mirror, it gives you a lift, and other people respond positively. It doesn’t have only to do with age; your self-care and attitude play a big role. Are you feeling a bit dull? Rest assured: You’re by no means alone. Many people are stressed out, overextended, and operating in survival mode. Fortunately, there are effective things you can do to boost your glow. Here are several. 

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation improves circulation and clears away debris to reveal a new, fresh layer of skin. This new skin better reflects light. Have you ever heard of dry brushing? It’s becoming a popular way to exfoliate and help lymph flow throughout the body. There are also gentle physical and chemical exfoliants you can purchase. Want a significant increase in your glow? Do a search using terms such as microdermabrasion Virginia Beach to find a high-quality clinician. 

2. Hydrate

Many people are dehydrated and aren’t aware of it. Dehydration has a significantly negative effect on your health and appearance. Aim for about half your body weight in ounces per day, although recommendations vary. Hydration plumps up your skin cells, making your dermis look smooth and fresh. 

3. Exercise

Get clearance from a trusted health practitioner first, then design an exercise program that’s sufficiently intense to help you break a gentle sweat. This detoxifies the body, increasing the flow of moisture and nutrients. 

4. Nourish

Speaking of nutrients, it’s essential to eat properly if you want a glowing appearance. Cut down on sugar as much as possible. Make sure you get plenty of protein and healthy fats. Eat copious amounts of vegetables (particularly green ones) and small amounts of low-glycemic fruit. Limit your intake of simple carbs. Also, nourish your brain and body by getting sufficient shut-eye. Sleep is crucial for alertness and smooth metabolic function. 

5. Engage

Being fully engaged in your life will give you radiance. Prioritize your positive relationships and the positive aspects of your vocation. Give yourself plenty of time to relax, have fun, and play. Take part in activities that put you into a “flow” state and deeply into the present moment. Put limits on relationships and activities that deplete you. 

Taking care of yourself holistically goes a long way toward increasing your inner and outer light. Give these suggestions a try to boost your brilliance. 

Charles Lawrence

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